The FEEDEXPERT employees are the professionals experienced in real production. 
Over the years the specialists of our Company acquired a considerable experience in assessing the quality and performance products.
The competent laboratory quality control is the refined system.
The technology of the comprehensive and scientific experiments is working out for many years.
The close and fruitful relationship was cultivated with the specialists of the academic institutions, as well as personally with many scientists to get the best results of the many scientific researches.
At some point, the management of our Company concluded that a reliable system of the products evaluation and gained scientific and analytical skills are useful not only for the purchase materials for own production, and also it’s necessary to use for other consumer products.
Over time, the activity to sale the products of guaranteed quality and efficiency, has developed into an independent area.
The trademark (service mark) FEEDEXPERT was duly registered. The presence of this character informs the consumers that the FEEDEXPERT products were tested, qualified, and these products use is appropriate and cost-effective.
Feedexpert LLC is the established independent enterprise that specializes in the selling of the high quality raw materials and provide analytical and advisory services.
Steady growth of sales volume shows that the sales policy of our Company proved to be attractive to many consumers.
Our company is committed to the business market, the relevant ethical business standards. We value strong partner relationships built on openness, honesty and mutual benefit.
The Feedexpert partners: “Prioskolje”, “Stavropolskiy broiler”, “Resurs”, “Kanevskoy KHP”, “Provimi”, “Ozherelevskiy”, “Salskiy”, “Baysad”, “Kubanskaya Grain Trade Company”, “Gvardiya”, “Agriko”, “Juzhnaya korona” etc.