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Lipid Metabolism in the liver
Dushkin E. V., Mundyak I. G.
The ruminants and other farm animals livers have very important role in the catabolism of the fatty acids. Absorption of fatty acids by the animals liver from their blood is selective.
Subclinical changes of the cows ketones level by the phases of reproductive cycle and the ways of preventing ketonemii
Mundyak I. G., Dushkin E. V., Paroponov S. B.
In the recent years there is a stable tendency to import and to breed the Golshtino Friesian cows in Russia and many other countries.
How the conditions of the animals feeding and keeping influence on the quantity and composition of the milk
Mundyak I. G., Dushkin E. V., Paroponov S. B.
The farm animals latescence depends on their heredity and individuality...
Analysis of the problems and prospects for preventing of the hepatic disorders
Mundyak I. G., Dushkin E. V., Paroponov S. B.
Specialists of the scientific department analyzed the reduction of the livestock number
Biochemical and ecological feature of the lipid metabolism adaptation for the ruminants
Mundyak I. G., Dushkin E. V., Paroponov S. B.
During the process of evaluation the ruminants acquired the exclusive ability to exist with a vegetable feed as the sole source of energy and nutrients.